Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kevin visits, part 2

Heading back to the boat from the old village area on the isle of Akamaru, we decide to stop on this sandy point. Teravai is the island in the distance.

At the far end of this beach is a third house with people living on it. Nice spot with the cliffs in the background.

The sea and sky are just amazing here! Photo op! Me and my Miguel, with Isle Aukena to the North of us.

The boys get the dinghy ready to go.

That night we were graced with this incredible sunset. Can you see the rain from the upper cloud glowing in the light of the setting sun? And the silver lining around the cloud behind it. Definitely this place is the silver lining!

Crazy looking clouds glow in the distance, as the sun goes further over the horizon.

We joined a gaggle of cruisers on the West side of Teravai for the big 60th birthday party for Natalie aboard Tao at Ed's house (local). Lots of boats and dinghies at the beach!

Ed has a great dock and landing beach at his place.

He asked a bunch of the guys to lift his 55 gallon barrel of fuel up onto the wall. It was fairly easy with all those guys!

Phillip gives his wife Natalie, Dix bread, which is the word 60 in French, as Ed looks on.

Kevin, Mike, Tom and Sonya of Pakea Tea and Marc, another French cruiser with a very cool aluminum boat, are all hanging out chatting under the shade of the tree.

This was a huge party, as Phillip had invited both cruisers and locals so it was a big turn out for the birthday. Cat from Portugal, the lady in the Orange tank top, is the mom of three of the kids on the right and is talking to the other young French cruising couple who just had a baby, discussing the fun of raising your kids on a boat.

One happy cruising baby!! Enjoying the party with everyone ogling over her.

Pot luck dinner is served! Natalie, cuts up one of her loaves of bread for all of us to try.

We were told that this pig on the spit, was not one of the pigs that hiked with us earlier. Those must be much smarter pigs, because they have not been seen since our hike!

I guess the pig was not cooking fast enough, so they cut off big pieces and put it closer to the flames along with a bunch of chicken. One of the local guests was applying BBQ sauce.

Several people are keeping an eye on the pig roasting process.

Ahtak is the man in the yellow shirt who is a Va'a builder, retired from Tahiti, talking with some of the cruisers. Apparently he is quite famous in Tahiti, as he came up with a new design shape for the 6 man hulls and his boats have won many of the Hawaiki Nui (Superbowl of paddling) race. He retired early because many of his other boat builder friends had passed away from breathing the toxic fumes created when building fiberglass boats. Of course back then, no one wore protective masks like they do today. Good idea to quit while you are ahead! Now he raises chickens and sells eggs in the main village.

Sitting at the table, Mike and Kevin are talking to Darrel from South Africa and Eva and her brother Marco from Finland.

After the party, we sailed over to Motu Kouaku on the Eastern side of the Gambiers.

Kevin takes a selfie while we go ashore. Hey Mike, your shirt matches the water!

Just North of Motu Kouaku is a large sand spit with no vegetation.

From here Avatar looks lovely waiting for us at her anchor.

Mike and Kevin on the sand spit, enjoying the last few days together.
It is such a gorgeous spot, who can resist these photo ops?

We also went for a walk on the motu, down a lovely sandy beach, with a few coral rocks uncovered. Is that a huge shark fin by the beach down there?!? No just another piece of coral sticking out above the water.

We spot this baby Fairy Tern in the tree! So cute!

The coral shows quite distinctly through the perfectly clear water.

Kevin poses as a small wave breaks over a shallow coral spot. Looking to the South we see the other group of islands over there.

Timer family photo! I think I barely was sitting down when it clicked!

We moved to Motu Tekava which is a bit closer to the airport and we spy our friends aboard L'venir from Austria ripping up the water on their kite board.

Bernard catches some air!

Anna Marie shreds past the stern of Avatar.

On the beach we were able to catch up with her, while Bernard took his turn.

He gave the kite back to her in a hand off method.

And off she goes! Shredding it up!

We did several snorkels while Kevin was here.

The coral is alive and well in the Gambiers!!

A big parrot fish swims by.

Blue lipped clam.

Different species of coral with a clam in the center.

The black stripped Orange fish dives for cover.

Occasionally we would see a jellyfish near the surface.

Angel fish cruises by.

Kevin dives down to get a closer look.

Some of the coral comes quite close to the surface, and a unicorn fish is in the center.

More amazing coral formations. Sure wish I had a better underwater camera for you, this does nothing for how brilliant it really was.

Brain coral too!

Along the side of Isle Akamaru there are many sandy strips interspersed with coral lumps in long rows. Kevin takes a closer look.

The sun is setting on Kevin's stay with us.

He is a great cook and I got a vacation from the galley while he was with us. Thanks Kev! Come again any time!!

Now we have to find our way through these bomies to get back to the airport motu. Keep a sharp lookout!!

The Rickman family, Kevin, Shelly and Mike (my Miguel ;-)

Incoming on this flight was Birgit with her Mom direct from Austria, with Christian between them on the left. Then Kevin and I, center and Tapio, Eva, Mike and Eva's brother Marco, who was getting on the plane with Kevin to head back to his home in Finland! It was a big cruiser welcome and goodbye at the airport that day!

Air Tahiti flies twice a week to the Gambiers from Tahiti. Nana (Byebye in Polynesian) Kevin and Marco!

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