Sunday, January 28, 2018

Omoa Village part 2

Omoa Village continued........
We could see the sun shining on the hill again, so the rain would soon be over.

This yard has an interesting fence to protect the flowers.

These lovely flowers escaped the fence.

An interesting A frame house behind that fence.

But it is a lovely yard, especially now that the sun is back out!

Actually we saw many pretty flowers everywhere in the village. This one was after the rain with drops still on it.

A brilliant red Hibiscus flower glistening the rain drops in the sun.

These flowers reminded me of the Baja in Mexico, with their spiky thorns!

This was a very large white flower with an interesting shape.

Little purple flowers.

Who knew they grow chili peppers here? This tree is loaded with them!

The breadfruit tree and fruit with it's gynormous leaves.

Did you know that a banana is a flower first?

The stalk continues to grow and so do the bananas.

Of course there are lots of chickens everywhere. This rooster was quite colorful and loud as I caught him crowing at us.

A red headed rooster with his flock of hens, all watching us carefully.

Spotty hen with her many peepers.

Other birds we saw were these little sparrow like guys.

And this heron looking for a crayfish in the creek.

Many Marquesans ride horses instead of owning cars. Of course they are also good for carrying copra out of the forest and keeping the grass cut!! Both of these guys look quite well fed! 

This copra is bagged and ready for the supply ship which will arrive tomorrow (guarded by the chickens).

Mike rests on a big tree trunk by another copra shed.

Lots of copra drying in this one.

Back at the green house, one of the guys we saw on the trail was rearranging his copra, setting out the new ones and bagging the old ones. (takes about 4 to 5 days to dry the coconuts into copra) (copra is used for making coconut oil which is not just used for cooking, but in many cosmetic products as well and is very nourishing for the skin!)

Coming back into the village area, I noticed this big rock above these lovely plants.

It amazes me to find these superman like phone booths in all corners of French Polynesia.

Looking back at that rock from the other direction, I thought this guy has a cool attic room!

This house belonged to a stone tiki carver. He obviously does well as it is very well appointed and groomed.

These interesting skinny flower petals growing on the plants in the yard. Notice the cement/stone walls too.

How do I know the stone tiki carver lives here? Well that was my guess with an entryway as lovely as this (plus we saw his shop out back).

A different guy was sanding down some wood carvings on the other side of the creek. A little bit of saw dust!

There were not many cars that we saw, but a forklift taking a diesel tank down to the quay to fill from the ship tomorrow, was not something we see everyday!

After that bit of traffic, the road is back to normal, you know with chickens crossing, no cars!

At the end of the road, down by the sea, looking back up the valley we just explored.

At the end of the road are these tikis, watching over the protected quay area.

Tikis watching each others back, butt cheek to butt cheek. Look like women tikis too!

We eat a snack under the tree at the end of the road, next to the tikis.

Lovely yellow flowers on this tree.

Yes this anchorage looks a bit rolly! Glad we didn't bring Avatar here!

Surfs up! Sometimes it brings water all the way over the wall!

As we leave Omoa, the sun is shining on the mountains behind her.

We saw several caves on the way back. This one quite deep.

Miguel with cave behind.

Making our way back to the Bay of Virgins.

Steep green covered volcanic rock.

We had not noticed this hole in the rock on our way out, but it is like a peep hole into the Bay of Virgins.

Avatar still anchored by the giant rock pinnacles, made famous in this bay.

The sky turned orange as the sun was setting on our adventurous day.

And then red as it disappeared behind the clouds.